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IT Support for Business

What most clients expect from IT Support isn’t anything exciting or glamorous. It should just work, no fuss, no surprises. Anyone with a mind for operational excellence will tell you, it takes a whole lot of work and diligence to amount to what’s essentially invisible. The less you notice we’re working, the better

Whether it’s staying on top of license renewals, maintaining servers when everyone is sleeping, or picking up the phone when jobs start at the crack of dawn, being dependable year after year is what great IT is all about.

Trustworthy, honest, and reliable. Sounds like someone you can take home to your mother.

Help Desk

Relion technicians are here to help your employees troubleshoot tech-related issues. We are available 24/7 for Emergency Support, meaning your company will never fall behind on crucial tasks due to inaccessible IT support.

We take pride on the speed and quality of our service. Calls are answered within 30 seconds and email tickets are answered under 30 minutes.

Security Management

Quality security management allows your company to avoid unexpected disruptions and damage to your brand. Relion continuously monitors your assets for threats and vulnerabilities.

A great example client is Rancho Federal Credit Union. When assessing security of our clients, we often ask, “would this be good enough for Rancho?”  While not every client requires the rigors of a financial institution, basic cyber security best practices make good sense for all organizations.

Windows Server Support

If you have ever experienced a server outage, you know it’s no fun. Power outages, operating system crashes, hardware malfunction, unexpected application behavior, and network issues can all affect server availability.

Relion maintains your servers to ensure reliable operation while being quickly available in rare cases when a server does fail. We follow the mantra “configure simply, document thoroughly.”  This gives our highly trained technicians the confidence to quickly recover from any server outage. We will have you working again in no time.

Proactive Network Monitoring

By constantly monitoring your network, our technicians can detect, diagnose, & resolve network issues often before they become an issue. The less you notice that we’re working, the better.

Importance of Microsoft 365 Business Premium

If you’re a business, chances are you are already using Microsoft 365. Moreover, you are probably using Microsoft 365 Business Standard unless you’ve been advised by a security conscious MSP. It is our strong belief that all our clients should be using Microsoft 365 Business Premium. You can see in the comparison chart below that Premium adds advanced threat protection and PC and mobile device management. 

Even if you’re not a technical person, you probably have noticed an explosion of ransomware attacks in the news. This is no coincidence. As the masses transitioned to working from home, a wave of insecure machines were exposed to the opportunity seeking hackers.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium could have just as easily been named Business Secure. It is the cornerstone of our cybersecurity strategy, and a must if you want to stay off the news.